World, Europe & UK Scratch Off Map Pack – Flags Background Design – White – A3 Size

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Global Walkabout Scratch Off World, Europe and UK Map with Flags background – Deluxe Travel Size A3 World, Europe and UK Map Poster – Countries and Facts – Travel Gift (White)



  • IDEAL FOR THE TRAVEL ENTHUSIAST – Made in the UK with sustainable paper and cardboard whether you’ve got a number of countries under your belt already or you’re just setting off on a lifetime of travel plans, you need to mark your journey with our travel sized scratch off map pack
  • DELUXE – our scratch off maps are covered with gold foil. Scratch off the foil to show where you’ve been to reveal colourful flags and information
  • SIZE – ideal for world travel and small rooms, our A3 travel sized versions are perfectly portable and makes an ideal poster for a wall. It measures 42.3 x 30cm or 16.5″ x 11.7″
  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED – our travel sized scratch world maps come in a perfectly sized tube for neat storage and easy transportation
  • GIFT – surprise a friend or family member who loves to travel the world with one of our scratch off world map poster gifts. They can record their travels country by country

A great travel memento

If you are planning a backpacking trip somewhere tropical or have an adventure vacation planned, record your memories by adding a mini scratch off map to your travel souvenirs. It will last and last and is the perfect way to document where you have been as you scratch off each country as you go.

Made in the UK from sustainable paper

Interesting information

You can really build an amazing picture of where on the planet you have been!

Compete with your friends

If you get struck down by wanderlust often then it’s probably your goal to visit as many countries and cities as possible. Challenge a friend to world domination and see who can scratch off the most! As you scratch colorful flags are revealed creating an attractive and conversation starting poster for your wall.

BUY NOW and record your journey around the world, the fun way!

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23 reviews for World, Europe & UK Scratch Off Map Pack – Flags Background Design – White – A3 Size

  1. Simply Her

    This is a simple enough idea but if you know someone that likes travelling or plans to travel then this is a great idea. It’s a map on a sort of white vinyl that you scratch off the places you’ve been to reveal what’s underneath. It may seem more of a kids or teenagers thing but I think it’s also great for people that like to travel and would look good in a nice frame in an entrance hall or office and would make a great talking point. Plus a fun thing to update. In fact myself sister and husband would find this a cool way of showing where they’ve been.
    This one comes in a gold tube and would be great as a gift.

  2. E Smith

    This was a great Christmas present for my Husband and Daughter to record our travels.

  3. JC

    These three maps come rolled up in a well presented gold coloured cardboard tube. I think they make a great gift, both because of the fun and interactive content but also because of the packaging.

    The maps themselves have been framed with glassless frames and put up in our children’s playroom. They had great fun scratching off the countries and counties they have already visited. The intention is that they scratch off countries and counties as and when we visit them in the future.

    The foil was easy to scratch off, although we ended up using a small metal spike to do some of the smaller places as a coin was too large.

  4. Ayami

    I’ve thought about getting scratch off maps for a while and I’m glad I got these. They are great value at £7.97 for the set of 3 maps with the white background and a good size with each poster A3 size. The printing on the maps with each county or country is clearly labelled although with the poster size being the same for the UK map as the world map, there are some tiny little areas to scratch off so you may need to find something quite small. The paper is like a good quality photo print and the finish on the maps is very glossy and I love how clean they look. They all come rolled up in the same tube which means they need to be flattened out before trying to pin them up or they will still want to curl. I like the idea of framing them but might be worth doing at the end of a holiday period to save taking it out the frame each time as I have accidentally scratched a bit with my nail although it’s not taken the full layer off to reveal the colour underneath. I like the addition of all the county flags as well as the European flags – great for a younger person learning. The colours underneath the gold are quite vibrant too so it really comes to life when you do start scratching.

  5. Cagayan

    Satisfactory With Minimal Flaws

    This scratch off map is one of the most gift-able items I’ve ever seen. The versatility of the gift is great from regular travellers to teens.

    It arrived packaged in a golden tube which further adds to gifting presentation. However this does consequently mean that the maps do come curled which is inconsiderate packaging and makes it hard to stick up on a wall without it trying to peel off every few seconds. This also makes scratching the places off a bit harder.

    The presentation of all the maps are great and I especially like that each country has its flag displayed. The unscratched gold adds a luxurious element further enhancing presentation.

    On certain maps such as the U.K. and Global map, it is quite tedious trying to scratch off the right country without scratching neighbouring and surrounding ones, I would recommend using a nail file for precision and a coin for the larger countries.

    Overall, it is an alright product with a satisfactory amount of flaws and pros. This works especially well as a gift for those who have everything!

  6. Maggs

    We have 1 huge map that we scratch off after each holidays.
    However even though it’s huge map the Europe is tiny and all countries seem to be tiny and hardly visible.

    Maps arrive roled into gold tube.
    This pack provides 2 clear maps for smaller areas like:
    – Europe
    – UK devided into shires
    Also contains 1 map:
    – all world map (horizontal) but as I’ve said some countries are very small on it.

    This is great pack for UK / Europe traveller as you can see your travel progress clearly.

    TIP: you can get frames 30×40 cm in Ikea for about £2.50 each – fiskbo

  7. lewis

    These maps are amazing, love this one with the white background, different to the normal ones with the black background so that’s a nice touch for sure. I have to say it’s proper quality, well made and the scratching of places feels great once you dig into it! I think it’s a fair price (£7.97 January 2020) and I’d recommend anyone that likes to travel, get one.

  8. Daniel O’Neill

    Great first traveller gift! Really happy with the item. Great idea!

  9. Max

    Excellent value, good quality, nice gift

    These are lovely, and great value for the price (£8 at time of review). The maps are each A3 size, and are covered in gold material that can be scratched off as you visit each place.
    They would make a fantastic gift for a young traveler, especially to encourage them to travel the UK more.
    The posters are glossy and seem good quality – I am very happy with these.

  10. Benson

    Perfect for planning your travels around the world.

    It comes with 3 maps, UK, Europe and the world. It comes in a cardboard tube and since it is all rolled up it takes time to get it flat again. We will be mounting it in a frame so that is not a deal breaker. Be careful when taking it out of the tube and when rolling it back up as you could easily scratch off the silver by accident and ruin the layer etc.

    It looks pretty boring to begin with but once you start scratching away the colour layer comes to life which makes a interesting art piece, get the conversation going at house party!

  11. JACX Granny

    Displays my travels well. Wish it were bigger

    We like to travel and have visited 6 continents and more than 100 countries.
    Over the years i have tried different ways of displaying a map showcasing the counties we have visited.
    Then i found this scratch off by country world map and it shows it perfectly. I just wish it was bigger in size so the detail of smaller countries were more visible. I also have the maps for both the counties in the UK and all the countries in Europe. Next I will buy a map that display all the states in the USA.

  12. Mike F.

    This item arrived safe and well packaged.
    This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to travel!
    These are lovely big prints with large scratch able panels. They look amazing when mounted on a wall and make a very thoughtful gift too. This is a great value bumper pack too!
    I highly recommend this product.

  13. The Lambanana

    Sometimes I’ve had this type of thing and the scratch is difficult, in that you nearly take off a layer of paper. This is good as the ‘scratch off’ works well.

    42.3 x 30 cms

    A nice, small, educational scratch off map.

  14. izabela

    Very good gift ideas. Wrapped nicely and useful

  15. Aaron CR

    Very good quality from the packaging to the product itself, I would definitely recommend it to anyone

  16. Lou Reed

    Fab thank you!

  17. Tommy V.

    Bought this for the second time…still not disappointed. It’s a great gift or an educational tool.

  18. gillian england

    I love these, very easy to scratch off. The only issue I had was the uk flag on the Europe map looks like an Iceland flag and doesn’t have the diagonal red/white Cross.

  19. Landier Mylène

    Super carte à gratter pour ses voyages !

  20. Natalia

    Easy to scratch and looks really nice

  21. Josh Allen

    Really cool maps, top quality

  22. Joey K

    I bought this for my mother, she loved it. Such a unique present.

  23. Avid book reader

    Great value for money. Excellent quality. My 6 year old son really enjoyed scratching the maps. Great size for travelling to keep the kids occupied

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