World & UK Scratch Off Map Pack – Coloured Background Design – White – A3 Size

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Global Walkabout Scratch Off World and UK Map with colours background – Deluxe Travel Size A3 World and UK Map Poster – Countries and Facts – Travel Gift (white)



  • IDEAL FOR THE TRAVEL ENTHUSIAST – Made in the UK with sustainable paper and cardboard whether you’ve got a number of countries under your belt already or you’re just setting off on a lifetime of travel plans, you need to mark your journey with our travel sized scratch off map pack
  • DELUXE – our scratch off maps are covered with gold foil. Scratch off the foil to show where you’ve been to reveal coloUrful flags and information
  • SIZE – ideal for world travel and small rooms, our A3 travel sized versions are perfectly portable and makes an ideal poster for a wall. It measures 42.3 x 30cm or 16.5″ x 11.7″
  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED – our travel sized scratch world maps come in a perfectly sized tube for neat storage and easy transportation
  • GIFT – surprise a friend or family member who loves to travel the world with one of our scratch off world map poster gifts. They can record their travels country by country

A great travel memento

If you are planning a backpacking trip somewhere tropical or have an adventure vacation planned, record your memories by adding a mini scratch off map to your travel souvenirs. It will last and last and is the perfect way to document where you have been as you scratch off each country as you go.

Made in the UK from sustainable paper

Interesting information

You can really build an amazing picture of where on the planet you have been!

Compete with your friends

If you get struck down by wanderlust often then it’s probably your goal to visit as many countries and cities as possible. Challenge a friend to world domination and see who can scratch off the most! As you scratch colorful flags are revealed creating an attractive and conversation starting poster for your wall.

BUY NOW and record your journey around the world, the fun way!

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28 reviews for World & UK Scratch Off Map Pack – Coloured Background Design – White – A3 Size

  1. macha

    Comme indiqué sur l’annonce, super 😊

  2. Naomi

    Great gift idea.

    Gave this item as a present to a friend who loves to travel. They were very impressed by it and they now want to travel more so they can see all the different colours popping up

  3. Hei Fil

    Bought this to give for a friend this Christmas, checked it before wrapping it up, 2 maps are in the tube, a UK map and a world map. I was a bit worried about not getting 2 because of one of the reviews but decided to give it a try and it did not dissappoint.

  4. Mandi H

    Bought as a gift and they loved it, a really great gift for adventurous & explorers.

  5. J. Cats

    This comes in two gold cardboard tubes and would make great gifts. They are A3 size and really lovely quality. Just be careful when you open them because they do scratch easily. They are printed on thick, high gloss card and you will need some weights to hold it open. It’s perfect for any keen traveller of any age and my brother has really enjoyed scratching off all the places he has been in the past few years so I would have to recommend this set to anyone!

  6. Leighanne

    Well recieved gift

  7. Simply Her

    Simple but clever idea and comes in a gold tube making it a nice gift. I haven’t put in on the wall or in a frame but think it would look great in a frame and put in an entrance hall maybe. Would make a great talking point and a bit of fun to scratch off the places you’ve been to. So if you know someone that likes travelling or plans to travel then this is a great idea for them. It’s on a sort of white vinyl that you scratch off the places you’ve been to reveal what’s underneath. Also suitable for children to show where they been and to use as a world map.
    Happy with the price and to recommend.

  8. Mr. Martyn Poole

    I already had a world scratch map which I have used already and it’s massive compared to these ones and came with its own coin. These however are A3 size and they label it as travel sized which you could do however, I prefer to have mine visible in the office so I can look and stare at them when I am sat working, so my mind can contemplate where I want to go next.
    I never had a UK one which comes in handy as the UK is tiny on the provided world map and as I live here I would like to tick off individual areas. Personally, I would have liked a bigger map so I could cross of parkrun’s visited too but this is just personal preference.

    Would make a fantastic gift for those budding travellers, would have been nice to come with its own coin though. I do like the different colours when you scratch off the locations an you do get a sense of pride and accomplishment after every scratch.

  9. Nikki

    Brilliant a4 sized, pack of 2 scratch as you go maps.

    Packaged and presented nicely in a gold cardboard tube with lid.

    Each map is plastic backed. This makes it ever so easy to scratch off the layers without it effecting the image below.

    These maps are fab. They have each name on top and below as you scratch off. Each map includes all of the smaller surrounding countries also, these are just dots when scratched off.

    On the Britain map, at the bottom of the sheet is each town names and their representable flag pictures. I didnt realise there were so many to be honest! These are all scratch off too.

    On the world map there are a few mini details. These are all scratch off.

    • For each country, they show the percentage of water and land mass.

    • They show each continents highest peak mountains on a scale.

    • They show each continents lowest land point on a scale.

    • They show the deepest water vs the highest peak out of all the continents.

    • They show the largest lakes vs comparable countries by area.

    The only thing missing from this brilliant pack of scratch off maps is a scratcher! A little wooden one would suffice fine. I had some leftover so I used one of those. You could use pretty much anything as it comes off so well but if you wanted to be extra neat, you would want one then.

    I would recommend this set. I would have loved this as a child, I really like it now. Fascinating to see and compare all the areas I’ve been too and to look where to discover next. These scratch off easy. The backing plastic is perfect for this sort of thing too. Every name is clear and easy to read, initially. Some of the darker colours make it a bit trickier to see after scratched off but they can be seen. The only thing I’d add is a scratcher!

  10. Mrs. A. Wright

    I am so happy to have this. My granddaughter and friends are off for the trip of a life time this summer, We will be tracing their journey with this. First thing you see is an elegant gold coloured cardboard tube. Inside this is two high quality scratchable maps, one of great britain and one of the worldThe aim for us will be to scratch each country the isvisitd and somehow it makes us seem part of the trip too. Really good quality and we like it very much

  11. Lark

    These maps are a great gift or purchase, for the traveller or geographically interested alike, it could be used as a study assist/test or as a tracker for places you have visited as mentioned in the product information. The maps are frameable but neither that small or large to not be considered compact (particularly when rolled up), you do not necessarily need to display these, you could keep them as scrolls and return them to the tubes they are supplied in (which are not simply packaging). In the tubes they are compact and easily carried, they would fit in an average sized man bag for instance, or shoulder bag.

    The cover to each part of the map is easily peeled/removed when you choose to and stay attached until then, not peeling, curling or flaking occurs on the map whether you have it hanging/displayed or are rolling and unrolling it to remove and return it to the tube. The quality of materials are good, the design and function are good too and it all wears about as well as you would expect for a paper and cardboard product. Recommended.

  12. Saverio

    Ce ne sono dentro due, una globale e una dell’Inghilterra, però molto piccole

  13. Amy

    Perfect gift for travellers

  14. Jony & Mary

    This Global Walkabout Scratch Off World and UK Map is quite good, quite enjoyable, which is very interesting, which helps you to perfect your geographical knowledge and which is of a pretty good quality.

  15. Mike F.

    This item arrived safe and well packaged.
    This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to travel!
    These are lovely colourful big prints with large scratch able panels. They look amazing when mounted on a wall and make a very thoughtful gift too. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Gali

    Great quality, looks good.

    The quality of the map is great – glossy thick paperstock, and there are no issues with the scratchable layer i.e not so easy to scratch accidentally.

  17. Amy

    Great! Love this map. It isn’t too big and bulky but is big enough to be clear and effective. Colours are really nice when you scratch a country off.

  18. Onlybee

    My partner loved this (bought as a gift) and has started catching up With it and then we’ll frame it until we’ve been somewhere new 🙂

  19. Akib

    Just as described, golden tube looks cheap but actual maps good value for money.

  20. ASwin

    Bought as a gift. Friend seems really made up with it. No issues reported

  21. Pippinkid

    Just what I was looking for!

    Brilliant! Purchased two, one each for my 11 year old Daughter and I, to keep tabs on the places that we’ve visited and to see at a glance, the places that we have not yet visited.
    Very happy.

  22. Lisa

    Brought for my sons 21st, so he can record wheres hes been. Hes been a view places already so its good to see when scratched off. Only thing I did find was when removing you can accidentally scratch it so be careful.

  23. Paigee

    As described. It is really good quality and easy to scratch off. Hopefully I will everything scratched off one day! Really fast delivery and good value for money.

  24. Gwen

    Was well received as a Xmas gift

  25. Bob

    Great gift for a keen traveller as it can be rolled up small to add in your bag or can be stuck at home on the wall so it is easy to scratch off whenever

  26. LM

    Birthday present for my Godson. He loves it. Planning where he wants to go and scratching off where he has been

  27. Ann T

    Fantastic gift for a travelling friend. Great colours once country’s are scratched off

  28. pamela9234

    I only wanted a small atlas to scratch off the places I had visited. Arrived in nice box. Atlas looks lovely. Bit disappointed that there was not a scratch off tool. Looking at photos one is supposed to use a coin but someone had stated in reviews it can be quite tricky as the map is small. So I will use something else. I am pleased with the item it met my expectations

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